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Disclaimer: If the compound is involved in patent protection, please do not use it for commercial purposes, and only for experimental analysis and research purposes. If it is sold to countries that constitute patent infringement, all the corresponding risks are not related to our company.

What is API?

Active pharma ingredients (APIs) are chemicals that are used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs. An API is a chemical that is involved in the breakdown of a drug and is responsible for its effects.

Each drug consists of two components – API active pharmaceutical ingredient (main) and excipient. Inactive substances are referred to as excipients and act as carriers of active ingredients. A paracetamol tablet is an example of an API-excipient combination: paracetamol is the API, and starch is the binding agent.

Currently, APIs account for billions of dollars in sales. APIs are primarily produced at large production facilities. It is a complicated chemical process that requires several steps.

The raw materials and intermediates needed to make it are resources. The API and medicine were historically created in the home countries of pharmaceutical companies.

API Manufacturing Process

A wide range of complex chemical and biological processes go into API manufacturing. These processes utilize a wide range of high-tech processing technologies to synthesize APIs from raw materials.

The process involves:

  • Chemical synthesis
  • Fermentation process
  • Recombinant DNA or other biotechnology applications
  • Isolation or obtaining from natural sources
  • And possible combinations of these processes
  • Active pharma ingredients manufacturers use standard steps to determine API strength and size for specific medications.

API (Active pharmaceutical ingredient) Manufacturer in India

The growing demand for advanced APIs is visible in modern society. Innovative production facilities are able to provide the products required for success.
For expert and custom API manufacturing services, turn to Bulat Pharmaceuticals. As active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers, we create researched API solutions in India.
As one of the leading pharmaceutical api manufacturers, we have the experience and knowledge to meet regulatory demands and aid you in your regulatory submissions.

List of API Raw Material

Raw materials refers to the chemical compounds used to make these APIs. Formulations with these ingredients are bulkier, facilitate absorption, are more stable, and do not denature.

It is cost-effective, stable, straightforward to handle, and inert to the environment to use raw materials.

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