Cetilistat: Uses, Side Effects, and Precautions


Cetilistat belongs to the class of medications, which are called anti-obesity drugs. Obesity is a common condition associated with excessive body fat. 

It increases the risk of many health problems, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and in some instances, the person may get diagnosed with cancer or heart disease. 

Consumption of more calories than you burn by exercise or daily activities can cause Obesity.  

Use of Cetilistat

Cetilistat is used to treat Obesity and the diseases associated with diabetes. This is administered along with exercise and a healthy low-fat diet plan. 

Cetilistat is a lipase inhibitor that works by binding and blocking the action of the enzyme. It prevents the fat, which means triglycerides in food, from being metabolized and turning into free fatty acids your body can absorb. 

Usually, it is taken with food or after one hour of food. If by any chance, you skipped the meals or the food does not contain any fat, then you can skip taking cetilistat for that specific meal. 

Pharmacology of Cetilistat

Synonym : 


Specifications & Purity : >98.0%(HPLC)

Molecular Weight: 401.59

Melting point: 72.0 ~76.0 °C

Side Effects of Cetilistat

Cetilistat may have some major or minor side effects on your body. Such as:

  • Headache
  • Vomiting or Nausea
  • Unusual weakness or tiredness
  • Itching or rash on the skin
  • Yellow-colored skin or eyes
  • Abdominal pain or discomfort
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Dark color urine
  • Loss of appetite

One of the common cetilistat side effects is an oily stool, increased bowel movements, excessive gas, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. This may interfere with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K. 

Precautions of Cetilistat

  • It is advised to take Cetilistat as per a doctor’s prescription and based on the medical condition.
  • Some people may experience sudden bowel motions, flatulence, soft tools, stool incontinence, and runny or liquid stools. 
  • Most of the side effects of Cetilistat do not require any medical attention and gradually resolve over time. If the side effects persist, then please make sure to consult a doctor. 
  • If you have any history of allergy to Cetilistat or other medicine, ensure that you have informed the doctor about it. 
  • It is advised if you are planning for pregnancy or pregnant, avoid taking Cetilistat. It is not recommended for children below 18 years of age, as the safety and effectiveness were not established.
  • Ceitilistat may have adverse effects on the gastrointestinal system. If the patient consumes a meal with a high amount of fat, then the risk will be higher.
  • Cetilistat use is not recommended for those patients who have had an organ transplant. 
  • Due to the high risk of severe adverse effects, it is recommended that people with a history of kidney disease must not consume cetilistat.

Drug Interaction

  • Drug-Drug Interaction:

Cetilistat API may interact with blood thinner, an antidiabetic drug, thyroid medicine ( levothyroxine), medicine for heart rhythm problems( Amiodarone), anticonvulsants(lamotrigine) or HIV drug ( atazanavir)

  • Drug-food Interaction:

When taking Ceitilistat, avoid high-fat meals, including butter, meat, dark chocolate, nuts, and olive oil. Otherwise, it can increase the risk of adverse effects on the intestine and stomach. 

  • Drug-Disease Interaction:

If you have cholestasis, chronic malabsorption or thyroid disorder, kidneys or diabetes, or liver problems, ensure that you have consulted a doctor before taking Cetilistat, along with checking  API manufacturing ingredients. 


Active Pharma Ingredient manufacturers commonly use Cetilistat for the treatment of Obesity. Read all the precautions and usage of the medicines carefully. Make sure to consult your doctor before the consumption of Cetilistat.


  • Is Cetilistat safe for diabetic patients?

It should be used with caution in the case of diabetic patients, as it can increase the risk of low blood sugar levels. Please inform your doctor about diabetes before taking Cetilistat so that they prescribe you some antidiabetic medicine to adjust the reaction. 

  • Can I consume Ceitilistat along with cyclosporine?

It is advised not to take Ceitilistat along with , as that can reduce the effectiveness of cyclosporine. 

  • How long should I take Cetilistat?

It is recommended to use Ceitilistat as long as your doctor has prescribed you. However, avoid taking it for more than six months. 

  • How does Ceitilisat work?

Ceitilistat inhibits the action of enzymes that break down the fat absorbed by the body. It decreases the fat from the food you eat. 


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