Complete List of Commonly used Pharmaceutical API


Pharmaceutical API, or active pharma ingredients, is the core aspect of the pharma industry. Whether we need medicine for diabetes, heart failure, or even cancer, we need suitable and high-quality APIs. Regardless of the high manufacturing cost and strict policies, the market for API manufacturing has reached a great height. And why not?

Whether manufacturing the ongoing basic medicine or finding the drugs for pandemic situations, API or active pharma ingredients are involved at every stage of medicine development. But what exactly is API, its types, and the commonly used APIs in the pharma industry? Let’s explore answers to all such questions in our blog below!

What is Pharmaceutical API?

Pharmaceutical API or active pharma ingredients are the raw materials used to manufacture medicine for the disease. APIs are the active ingredients that produce the required effects on the human body. Sometimes, a common API is used with other APIs to form the required drug. 

The pharmaceutical API manufacturers combine several chemical compounds to create the required APIs. However, before becoming the API, those chemical compounds undergo a stage called intermediates. Those intermediates then form API after thorough testing and quality analysis. 

Types of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Now that we know APIs’ basics let us quickly discuss their types. So, pharmaceutical APIs can be classified into two major categories, viz., synthetic and natural.

Synthetic APIs are also known as small molecules API. Around 66% of the pharmaceutical APIs available in the market today are synthetic APIs. On the other hand, natural pharmaceutical APIs are used for creating biologics. The trend of biologics has increased exponentially in recent times. However, they are still less in number when compared to synthetic APIs. 

Common Concerns of Outsourcing APIs

APIs are the essential components of medicine production. However, many companies fear outsourcing API manufacturing due to multiple reasons. The most common and biggest reason for them is the quality of API manufacturing.

Many active pharma ingredients manufacturing companies offer poor-quality APIs that, if used, can lead to inefficient medicines and fatalities. That’s why it is very important to outsource your API manufacturing to a reputed company having the required resources and knowledge. 

That’s Where Bulat Pharmaceuticals Comes Into Play!

Bulat Pharmaceutical is a reliable technological enterprise having experience in the R&D, production, and marketing of pharmaceutical raw materials. Whether intermediate, raw materials, or APIs, we can deliver everything related to the pharma business under one roof. 

Our experts create and test APIs through various quality checks and inspection methods, ensuring high-quality APIs. You can connect with us to share your requirements, and we will deliver products matching your expectations. 

List of Commonly Used Pharmaceutical APIs

Here’s a list of all the active pharma ingredients we can manufacture at Bulat Pharmaceutical.

ProductsCASApplication / Usage
Alogliptin Benzoate850649-62-6Diabetes drug
Trelagliptin succinate1029877-94-8Diabetes drug
Linagliptin668270-12-0Diabetes drug
Cetilistat282526-98-1Weight-reducing aid
LCZ696 (Valsartan+Sacubitril)936623-90-4Antihypertensive drug
Valsartan137862-53-4Antihypertensive drug
Sacubitril1369773-39-6Antihypertensive drug
Tenofovir Alafenamide Fumarate379270-38-9Antiviral drug
Sofosbuvir1190307-88-0Antiviral drug
Daclatasvir dihydrochloride1009119-65-6Antiviral drug
Velpatasvir-Co-Povidone (1:1)N/AAntiviral drug
Ledipasvir: Copovidone Solid DispersionN/AAntiviral drug
Tofacitinib477600-75-2Rheumatoid arthritis
Apremilast608141-41-9Psoriatic arthritis drug
Baricitinib1187594-09-7Rheumatoid arthritis
Pregabalin148553-50-8Neuropathic pain
Cephapirinbenzathine97468-37-6Veterinary drug
Cefquinome Sulfate118443-89-3Veterinary drug
Ceftiofur sodium104010-37-9Veterinary drug
Flunitine meglumineVeterinary drug
Colistin sulfateVeterinary drug
Sulbenicillin Sodium28002-18-8
PQQ( Methoxatin disodium salt)122628-50-6Health Care
Abiraterone Acetate (IP/USP)154229-18-2Prostate cancer patients
Ibrutinib (IHS)936563-96-1Lung cancer
Axitinib (IHS)319460-85-0renal cell carcinoma
Crizotinib (IHS)877399-52-5Lung cancer
Osimertinib (IHS)1421373-66-1Lung cancer drug
Lapatinib di tosylate231277-92-2Breast cancer
Gemcitabine HCL (USP / BP / Ph.Eur)122111-03-9Breast cancer
Bortezomib (IH)179324-69-7Chemotherapy
Pemetrexed Disodium (USP)150399-23-8Lung cancer
Veliparib (IH)912444-00-9Antitumor
Niraparib (IH)1038915-60-4Antitumor
Rucaparib (IH)283173-50-2Antitumor
Brigatinib (IH)1197953-54-0Lung cancer
Nilutamide (Ph. Eur)63612-50-0Prostate cancer
Carmustine (USP / BP / Ph.Eur)154-93-8Chemotherapy
Cisplatin (USP / BP / IP / Ph.Eur.)15663-27-1Chemotherapy
Carboplatin ( USP / BP / Ph.Eur)41575-94-4Chemotherapy
Oxaliplatin ( USP / BP / Ph.Eur)63121-00-6Colorectal cancer
Docetaxel Tryhydrate( BP / IP / Ph.Eur.)148408-66-6Breast cancer
Melphalan (USP/IP)148-82-3Ovarian cancer
Temozolomide (USP/IP)85622-93-1Brain cancer
Lenalidomide (IHS)191732-72-6Antitumor
Pazopanib hydrochloride (IHS)635702-64-6Renal cell carcinoma
Sunitinib maleate (IHS)341031-54-7Antitumor
Paclitaxel (IP/USP/EP)33069-62-4Antitumor
Sorafenib tosylate284461-73-0Antitumor
Pemetrexed disodium (IP)150399-23-8Antitumor
Pemetrexed disodium heptahydrate (USP/EP)357166-29-1Antitumor
Nilotinib Hydrochloride (HIS)923288-95-3CML
Anastrazole (USP/IP)120511-73-1Breast cancer
Dasatinib (IHS)302962-49-8Antitumor
Imatinib Mesylate (IP)220127-57-1Antitumor
Letrazole(USP / BP / Ph.Eur)112809-51-5Antitumor
Erlotinib Hydrochoride (IHS)183319-69-9Lung cancer
Gemcitabine Hydrochloride (USP / BP / Ph.Eur)122111-03-9Antitumor
5-Fluoro Uracil(USP/EP)51-21-8Antitumor
Molnupiravir2349386-89-4Antiviral Drug
Baloxavir marboxil1985606-14-1Antiviral Drug
Tianeptine sodium salt30123-17-2Antidepressants Drug
Clascoterone19608-29-8Androgen Receptor Inhibitor
Lemborexant1369764-02-2Insomnia Drug
Nafamostat Mesilate82956-11-4Antiviral Drug
Creatine Phosphate Disodium Salt922-32-7Health Care
Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride23111-00-4Health Care
TPP- Thiazole1352002-58-4Health Care
Finerenone1050477-31-0Endocrine based drug
BISOXATIN ACETATE 14008-48-1Constipation drug
AMG5102252403-56-6Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
NADH606-68-8Healthy Product
L – Carnosine305-84-0Healthy Product
SAK-31256269-87-0Alzheimer’s disease
Prucalopride179474-85-2Chronic Constipation


To conclude, Pharmaceutical APIs are the most common aspects in the pharma sector. Every medicine, whether heart disease, liver failure, or even psoriasis are made using high-quality APIs. These active pharma ingredients can be categorized as synthetic or natural depending on the molecular structure. If you are planning to outsource your API manufacturing process, then Bulat Pharmacueticals can be your partner. Reach us to explore much more about aPI and begin your manufacturing process right away!


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