Can Psoriasis be Cured?

Can Psoriasis be Cured

It is said that the condition of Psoriasis cannot be cured but can be treated by managing the symptoms to reduce its effect on your life. No need to be afraid, as there are treatments that can help manage this disease. This blog will let you explore every vital aspect that Psoriasis holds and should be known to you. We will also discuss Apremilast API, which can help limit the spread of Psoriasis in the patient’s body. But first things first.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that is caused due to rash with itchy and scaly patches. It is most commonly found on the knees, scalp, elbows, and trunk. Psoriasis is a disease that is said to be caused by the dysfunction of the immune system or immune-mediated disease. It occurs due to the skill cell growth, which speeds up by the overactive immune system. 

Normally when we talk about skin cells, they grow and then fall off in a month. But with Psoriasis, the skin cells, instead of shedding, start piling up on the skin’s surface. Scales and plaque might appear on the body of some people, and one out of three people diagnosed with psoriasis also develop psoriatic arthritis. 

Major Signs and  Symptoms of Psoriasis

Symptoms of Psoriasis often start between the age of 15 and 25, and people belonging to any gender and having any skin color can get affected by this disease. Let us discuss the common signs and symptoms of Psoriasis:

  • Small scaling spots can be seen on the skin but are commonly seen in children.
  • Itching, burning sensation, or soreness can be seen along with dry and cracked skin, which even may bleed in some cases.
  • A patchy rash is observed, and its appearance varies from person to person. It might look like a spot of dandruff scaling to form a major eruption over the entire body. 
  • The colour of the rash again varies as per the skin colour of the affected person. It can be purple with a grayscale or pink or red with a silver scale. 

Types of Psoriasis

The signs and symptoms of Psoriasis also differ as per its type. Here we will be offering you insight into the kind of Psoriasis, and they are:

Erythrodermic Psoriasis

It is one of the rare types of Psoriasis and affects only two percent of people with Psoriasis. It is a type that causes discolouration or intense redness in the skin. People with Erythrodermic Psoriasis often shed layers of their skin like large sheets. 

Erythrodermic Psoriasis can be life-threatening as it affects the entire body. One symptom of this type of Psoriasis is the affected person’s heart rate and body temperature change. The affected person may feel dehydrated and face severe pain along with itching. 

Guttate Psoriasis

It is found that around 8% of people affected by Psoriasis may have Guttate Psoriasis. Although Guttate Psoriasis affects any body area, this type commonly appears on the torso, legs, and arms. Some of the signs and symptoms of Guttate Psoriasis is that it includes discoloured spots, which are caused due to inflammation. In this type of Psoriasis, small, round, and red-coloured spots can also be seen. 

Inverse Psoriasis

It is said that one-quarter of the people who have Psoriasis are affected by Inverse Psoriasis. This type of Psoriasis affects the skin folds within the body, such as under the breasts, genital areas, buttocks, and underarms. Some of the vital signs and symptoms of this Psoriasis type are that it darkens or changes the skin to deep red, and its texture does not remain smooth or scaly. People affected by Inverse Psoriasis can experience severe itching and pain. 

How do you Stop Psoriasis from Spreading?

As per the researchers, anyone can develop the condition of Psoriasis. It is not mandatory to have a family history of this disease. The combination of environmental triggers and genetics is likely to cause Psoriasis. Following are the factors which can flare up the condition of Psoriasis:

  • Obesity
  • Deficiency of Vitamin D
  • Anybody infection
  • Smoking and consuming too much alcohol
  • Stress and any skin injury

The treatment of Psoriasis can include different medications that help reduce the effect of this condition. Many API manufacturers offer Apremilast API, a strong chemical substance for preparing medicine for Psoriasis. But the affected person also needs to follow steps to prevent the spread of Psoriasis. Some of the important tips are:

Nutrient-Dense Diet

Consuming a nutrient-dense diet can help in reducing the spreading of Psoriasis. Eating and avoiding some specific types of food can help reduce the flare-up of the Psoriasis condition.

As per the research, it is found that the people reported improvement in their condition after reducing the intake of gluten, alcohol, eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes, and some other items. Progress was also recorded when the people with the Psoriasis condition were consuming fish oil and omega-3s, vitamin D supplements, and vegetables in their diet. 

Protecting Skin

Any skin-related infection, cuts, sunburn, and even some vaccinations can also trigger the condition of Psoriasis. If the skin goes under any trauma, it can cause the Koebner phenomenon. In this, the patches of Psoriasis are seen developing in the area where a person does not experience the flare-up. 

Get Enough Sleep

A healthy sleep schedule can support and boost the body’s immune system. It is one of the best ways to help maintain a good lifestyle and manage stress. All of these factors are considered vital to avoid the spreading of Psoriasis. 

Can Psoriasis be Cured Permanently?

No, the condition of Psoriasis can not be cured permanently, but it can be controlled from spreading. Several treatment options can relieve the symptoms of Psoriasis, including Aprimilast API. Some other creams, lotions, and medicated shampoos can improve the rash that has affected a small portion of your skin. But if you have an inflammation that has affected a larger area or are experiencing joint pain, you would need to check for Psoriasis arthritis. It is the Psoriasis condition under which the patients suffer from joint pain and face redness or itchiness on their skin. 

Apremilast: Medicine to Treat Psoriasis

One of the most efficacious drugs used for Psoriasis is Apremilast. It is commonly sold under Otezla and is considered one of the best medications for treating Psoriasis arthritis. This drug is a mixture of isomers, and phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4) is also one of its inhibitors. If the patient does not respond to their other medications or is found allergic to them, then Apremilast is offered. 

Apremilast contains special chemical blockers, which are useful for reducing the effect of Psoriasis arthritis. PDE4 is the cell responsible for the inflammation caused due to Psoriasis, and apremilast can block the activities driven by this cell. 

API manufacturing companies offer Aprimilast API to the companies for the preparation of Psoriasis medicine. 

The chemical structure of Apremilast API is as follows:

Some of the other vital details about the Apremilast API are:

Chemical Formula: C22H24N2O7S

Weight: 460.5

CAS Number: 608141-41-9


IUPAC Name: N-{2-[(1S)-1-(3-ethoxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-2-methanesulfonylethyl]-1,3-dioxo-2,3-dihydro-1H-isoindol-4-yl}acetamide



Yes, there is no permanent cure for Psoriasis, but multiple medications are available that can prevent the condition of Psoriasis. No, this disease is not contagious, and treatment for the same can improve the symptoms. Even therapies are available if medication is not working, but the best is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The best medicine way is to get Apremilast API from a reliable API manufacturing company to prepare the medicine for Psoriasis. 

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