5 Easy Ways to deal with Diabetes at Your Home

Easy Ways to deal with Diabetes at Your Home

What is Diabetes? 

The blood glucose level in your body is the main energy source, and it comes from the food you eat for a whole day. An increase in the blood glucose level causes diabetes. 

the most common type of diabetes includes; 

Type 1 Diabetes

For people who have type 1 diabetes, their body does not make insulin. It is usually diagnosed in children and young adults, though it can appear at any age. 

Type 2 Diabetes

It is the most common type of diabetes. This type of diabetes occurs most often in middle-aged and older people. 

Gestational Diabetes

As the word describes its meaning, gestational diabetes develops in women when they are pregnant. It goes away after the baby is born. 

Mentioned below are the 5 Easy Tips one can follow to deal with Diabetes at home:

1. Exercise Daily

Physical activity is the most important cornerstone of diabetes management. Regular exercise helps the body use insulin efficiently. During the time of exercise, our muscles use glucose for energy. 

2. Eating Habits Should Be in a Manner.

  • Your meal should be a good mixture of fruits, vegetables, and starches, which you can call an ideal diet.
  •  Rather than consuming every kind of carbohydrates, be very specific about what you are eating for a whole day. Consuming carbohydrates like vegetables, whole grains, and fruits are better.
  • These foods contain high levels of fiber and low levels of bad carbohydrates. You can consult a dietician or a doctor who can customize your diet plans according to your need. 
  • Instead of regular soda or juice, drink water. 
  • Eat foods that contain more fiber such as bread, cereals, pasta, or rice.
  • Choose foods with saturated fat, salt, sugar, and trans fat. 

Eating habits play an important role in your health and blood sugar level. Educate yourself about the appropriate portion size for each kind of food. You can use a kitchen scale or measuring cups to take appropriate portion sizes and an accurate carbohydrate intake. 

3. Stick to Your Health.

  • People who smoke have a higher risk of diabetes than those who don’t. If you already have diabetes, it is better to avoid smoking, as it can prevent your body from responding to your insulin treatments effectively. 
  • Stress can raise the level of blood sugar, so you need to learn ways to lower your stress. Try meditating, working on your body, gardening, deep breathing, working on your hobby, and listening to your favorite music. 
  • You can ask for help when you feel down. Your mental health is way more important than anything else. 
  • Stay healthy by using your meal plan and moving more. 
  • at least once in your lifetime, get a hepatitis B and Pneumonia shot
  • Be sure you have a flu shot, a detailed eye exam to check your eye problems, a complete foot exam, a cholesterol test, a urine, and blood test to check for kidney problems, and a dental check for teeth and gums. 

These are the tips you can consider to stick to your health.

4. Proper Medication & Monitoring

Overdose of medications can severely impact your health. so never self-medicate with medicines. You must monitor your body’s response to the medicines and take medicines accordingly. 

By regularly monitoring your blood sugar level, you can stick to the beneficial habits and cut them off which aren’t. 

5. Good Sleep

Sleep is the period when your body restores and regenerates itself. It causes to eat more and crave carbs and sugar, which can lead to weight gain and exacerbate the symptoms of diabetes. Lack of sleep can also cause problems. 

Important Things to Add to Your Daily Routine.

  • Check yourself every day for blisters, swelling, red spots, and cuts.
  • Keep track of your blood sugar level, and discuss it with your health care team. 

Medication for Diabetes

  • The type of drugs you are consuming for diabetes depends upon the type of diabetes you have. 
  • Medication for Type 1 Diabetes
  1.  Insulin is the most common type of medication for type 1 diabetes. 
  1. It is also used for type 2 diabetes and comes in different types. 
  1. Insulin can be of different types: short-acting, rapid-acting, and rapid-acting.
  • Medication for Type 2 Diabetes

In type 2 diabetes, your body can not make enough insulin to keep the blood sugar level normal. Medications for type 2 diabetes include; 

  1. Alpha glucoside inhibitors help lower the blood sugar level by breaking down the starchy foods and table sugar. 
  1. Biguanides decrease how much sugar your liver makes. 
  1. Alogliptin Benzoate is a newly developed inhibitor that is used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. 
  1. For the treatment of diabetes mellitus, doctors prescribe Trelagliptin Succinate. 

For more details, you can consult our experts, who will help you learn more about the drugs that can aid in controlling your blood sugar level.


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